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Installation & Upgrades

Our technicians are experts at getting your Mac up and running. 

From initial set-up to hardware upgrades we are your one-stop shop for your Mac.

iPhone & iPad Repair

Our Apple certified iOS technicians will repair, replace, and maintain any part of your iPhone. Our services include all AppleCare and AppleCare+ warranty work as well as out of warranty work.

See more information about our iPhone Service.

See more information about our iPad Service.

Warranty Repairs & AppleCare

Warranty Repairs & Apple Care

If your Mac is covered under Apple’s warranty we can repair it free of charge (under the terms of the warranty.)

We also offer warranty work under Best Buy and Futureshop warranty. If you purchased an Apple device at Best Buy or Futureshop with warranty, we are able to service it under the terms of the warranty.

If you bought your Mac less than a year ago and need to have it serviced, simply bring it to us, and our Apple Certified Technicians will perform the necessary service – under warranty terms, of course!

Want to extend Warranty coverage? Ask us about Apple Care Protection Plan which extends your warranty to 3 years.



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