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Fast Charge Portable Battery Hub for On-The-Go Charging
Versatile and portable, the powerstation hub is your new go-to for power. At home or in the office, foldable AC power prongs let you use the powerstation hub as a wall charger when you’re near an outlet. When you’re headed to the gym or on vacation, the built-in 6,000mAh battery keeps your smartphone charged through the day. A built-in wireless charging surface lets you use the powerstation hub as a wireless, portable battery.

Fast Charge USB-C PD
Use the USB-C PD port to recharge the powerstation hub, or use that same port to charge a device at the fastest speed possible.

Wireless Charging
Never fuss with cables again. Simply place you QI-enabled smartphone on the powerstation hub’s charging surface and push the button to power to your device.

Compact and Portable Design
The ultra-portable design allows the powerstation hub to fit easily in your bag so it can charge your devices anywhere.

AC Power Prongs
No cable needed to charge this powerstation. With the built-in AC power prongs, you can recharge the powerstation hub simply by plugging into any wall outlet.

Charge Multiple Devices
Conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously with the two USB-A ports, USB-C PD port, and wireless charging surface.

Check Your Status and Save Battery
Turn the powerstation on and off with the LED Status Indicator button, or press it to display its battery levels or charge status.

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Mophie Universal Powerstation Hub 6K

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