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Dual Wireless Charging Pad Designed for All Your Devices
The dual wireless charging pad charges compatible Qi-enabled devices efficiently. Just place your wireless-compatible phone on the pad and a charge of up to 10W begins on contact. With two fast charge spots and an extra USB-A port, you can simultaneously charge three devices. Plus, the premium Ultrasuede® finish looks sleek on any tabletop.

Charge Up to Three Devices
Charge all your main devices with the dual wireless charging pad. Two wireless charging locations let you charge two Qi-enabled devices simultaneously. Plus, an extra USB-A port allows you to charge a third wired device.

Non-Slip Charging
A rubberized outer ring on the charging surface helps keep your phone in place. Even if it vibrates or rings, your phone will stay put and continue charging.

Fast charge optimized for iPhone, Samsung, and Google
Don’t wait around for your phone to charge. The dual wireless charging pad is engineered to safely deliver up to 10W of power to your iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel for a faster charge.

Stylish Design
More than just practical, this wireless charging pad is designed to look good too. The premium Ultrasuede® finish looks sleek on any tabletop.

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mophie dual wireless charging pad

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