Search with Spotlight on Mac

Get calculations and conversions in Spotlight

You can enter a mathematical expression, currency amount, temperature, or measurement in the Spotlight search field, and get a conversion or calculation right in the search field.

The Spotlight window showing a conversion of yards to meters in the search field. On the left is a list of search results. Additional conversions are shown in the preview on the right.
  • Calculations: Enter a mathematical expression, such as 956*23.94 or 2020/15.

  • Currency conversions: Enter a currency amount, such as $100, 100 yen, or “300 krone in euros.”

  • Temperature conversions: Enter a temperature, such as 98.8F, 32C, or “340K in F.”

  • Measurement conversions: Enter a measurement, such as 25 lbs, 54 yards, 23 stone, or “32 ft to meters.”

Tip: Press the Tab key to show additional conversions in the preview area.

You can exclude specific folders, disks, or types of information (such as email or messages) from Spotlight searches.

If you want Spotlight to search content only on your Mac and not include results from the web, you can turn off Siri Suggestions for Spotlight.